Our Nut-Free Promise

Here at Chapman's we understand that allergies are a serious thing. That's why we were the first in Canada to produce guaranteed peanut/nut free ice cream, and why we continue that commitment today.

To keep things safe and contaminant free, Chapman's has:

  • Built a separate facility exclusively for peanut and nut free products.
  • A dedicated staff and separate receiving docks.
  • A committed group of suppliers that guarantee the safety of their products.
  • An outside lab that runs analysis on incoming ingredients and finished products (just to make sure we haven't missed anything).
  • A dedicated and educated staff that are made aware of our nut free environment to ensure that nothing nutty enters our facility.

If you're thinking this seems complicated, it is! Lucky for you, all of our peanut and nut free products are easily identified by our "red flag" labeling. This means there is no confusion and you get to enjoy your favourite treat without worry. Our products are so trustworthy that we have been recognized by Anaphylaxis Canada for our commitment to allergy safety. Now that's a commitment we can all feel good about.

Our Original Ice Cream line, as well as our Lollys, Twisters, Sorbets, Li'l Treats and a selection of novelties are peanut and nut free.

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