Twister Novelties

Our all-new Twister Novelties bring a whirlwind of flavours your customers are sure to love.

These uniquely-Canadian treats are peanut/nut free, gluten free, and made with natural flavours and colours. Choose from two styles – solid water ice Twisters or Twisters with a real ice cream core. Stacked and Twisted Twister is wrapped for individual sale with complete ingredients and nutritional listings, and scannable UPC.

Chapman’s is proud to be the ice cream and frozen yogurt manufacturer of choice for food services across Canada. If you’re a scoop shop, convenience store, restaurant or institution interested in stocking your freezers with Canada’s finest ice cream and frozen treats, or if you need assistance locating our products in your area, contact our Customer Service by calling 1-800-265-9110 or by filling out our inquiry form here.

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3 scoops of ice cream