Doll Ice Cream Cake


  • 4 Litres of Chapman's Ice Cream
  • Inexpensive Plastic Doll
  • Sprinkles and/or Candies


Soften 4 Litres of Chapman's Ice Cream. Place into a large chilled bowl lined with plastic wrap, squishing and patting ice cream to mold the bowl. Freeze in a deep freeze several hours or overnight. Remove from freezer, invert and unmold bowl on a large platter. Remove plastic wrap. In the centre of the ice cream insert inexpensive plastic doll (cut off ¾ of the dolls legs for easy insertion into the ice cream). Decorate the "Ice Cream Skirt" using sprinkles and candies. Serve immediately or return to freezer until ready to serve.

Submitted by Carina of Qualicum, British Columbia