RMR Blueberry Pie Ice Cream

In January of 2014, Canadian comedian and political satirist Rick Mercer visited the Chapman’s Ice Cream family here in Markdale, ON.

During his visit, Rick learned all about how ice cream is made, took a stab at filling a few scooping tubs with ice cream, and even tossed around some suggestions he had for new ice cream flavours. President Penny Chapman wasn’t sold on the majority of his propositions, the likes of which included contributions such as “Stephen Harper Vanilla” and “Royal Canadian Mounted Jelly Bits”. However, with a little direction and professional guidance, Rick did eventually make a flavour suggestion that was well received by Penny – Blueberry Pie Ice Cream, inspired by Rick’s favourite dessert, blueberry pie.

And just like that, in the spring of 2014 RMR Blueberry Pie ice cream was born.


Click here to watch the video of Rick's visit! 


Not only did this limited edition flavour taste fantastic, proceeds from the sale of the ice cream were donated to Spread the Net, a Plan Canada initiative co-founded by Rick himself, dedicated to helping prevent the spread of Malaria in Africa by providing mosquito nets to those in need.

Overall, our partnership with Rick was an enormous success, and we are extremely proud to have had the opportunity to contribute to such a worthy cause.


  • Approximately 150,000 units of RMR Blueberry Pie were sold across Canada
  • Proceeds raised for the Spread the Net initiative totalled $37,000